When conducting a tech (or any type) interview, of equal importance is having the candidate interview you. Even if you suss out the excellence of the candidate, they won’t take the job (esp in this market) if you haven’t sold them. A few ways are:

  1. Show your technical brilliance — smart and talented people like to work with other smart and talented people.
  2. Respect the candidate — show up on time, treat them like a person. Be someone they want to work with.
  3. Show your passion — explain to they why you are working here, what motivates you to get up in the morning, and how you see the future unfolding. If you have difficulty doing with this, well you might want to think about your own plans.
  4. Give time for them to ask questions — and I don’t mean we have 5 minutes at the end so ask one question while I gather my things. Goes back to respect.

One final item I look for: has the candidate been to our site and tried out the app. I have far too many people sitting in final rounds having never even logged into our site. Imagine if you were at final rounds at Facebook and you were asked how you like using Facebook. Your response, “Well, I’ve never created an account, so I don’t know.” Ouch!

Co-Founder of ayrshare.com — an API-first platform to automate your social media posts with a few lines of code.

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