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How to Automatically Post Your Blog or Newsletter to Social Media

If you have a blog or newsletter, you probably have an RSS feed, which simply is the blog’s content in a machine-readable format. You probably also have social media accounts, like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. With a few simple steps, you can automate the entire process so every time you update your blog a post will go to all your social media accounts.

The RSS Feed

<p>How we used Firebase to build Ayrshare</p>
<p>The post <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.ayrshare.com/our-firebase-tech-stack/">Our Firebase Tech Stack</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.ayrshare.com">Ayrshare - Automate Your Social Media Posts</a>.

You can see in the example the basic structure of the RSS. The are descriptions, title, and even links. If you want to dive deep, check out the RSS specification.

Most blogs have an RSS feed. If not directly mentioned on the site with an icon, you can try appending /feed or /rss to the site’s url. For example Emily Oster’s Substack blog at https://emilyoster.substack.com/ has an RSS feed at https://emilyoster.substack.com/feed.

Why have an RSS feed?

Automated Social Media Posts

Set up an RSS feed to automatically post

Here is how you auto post from an RSS feed using Ayrshare.

Auto Post Steps:

  • Go to Ayrshare and create a free account. It is free for up to 300 posts a month, so unless you’re a massive blogger, you should be fine.
  • You’ll need to setup your social accounts, such Twitter. After signing up you’ll be in the Ayrshare dashboard, click the “Social Accounts”. It only takes a few seconds per network. Here is a quick video if you need help.
  • Now let’s add your RSS feed. In the Ayrshare dashboard click the “RSS Feed” tab on the left and enter in your RSS URL.
  • Finally, Click “Add RSS” and then your feed will appear.

Now every time you create a new blog post or add content to your RSS feed you’ll automatically post to all of your social networks. You can even add a YouTube RSS feed.

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Co-Founder of ayrshare.com — an API-first platform to automate your social media posts with a few lines of code.

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