Firebase News #2 🔥

The most interesting Google Firebase news

Welcome to the second Firebase newsletter!

This week we’ll look at some old and new articles on Firebase cost, building clones, authentication and AutoML Vision.

But did you hear about the Flame?

You might have heard that the Firebase “Flame” $25/month plan has gone bye-bye. Now only two plans remain: “Spark” Free and “Blaze” pay-as-you-go. On Reddit there is an interesting discussion about why the plan was removed.

Now that you need to pay-as-you-go, your costs are variable and it is often hard to tie your usage with pricing. If you want to manually manage your costs, set up budget alerts on Google Cloud. Firebase runs on Google Cloud, in case you didn’t know.

Or if you want a nice dashboard, custom alerts, and cost predictions, try🔥. There is a waitlist, so the sooner you sign up the sooner you get.

Now onto the show…

How to store Firebase data cheaper?

Firebase costs are a real issue, so managing your read/writes is vital (unless you have a lot of money to throw away…and if so give me a ring).

Build an Evernote clone with React and Firebase (video)

It is always useful to learn by building a real use-case, and something you might actually want to use.

How to build an Email Authentication app with Firebase, Firestore and React Native

Authentication is my top reason for using Firebase. Here is a guide for React Native authentication that can also be applied to Web.

AutoML Vision with Firebase

The Firebase team introduced AutoML Vision, and it is amazing. AutoML “can be trained to distinguish between the name of dishes, identify the type of object like cricket bat, baseball etc.”.

Fluttergram: Flutter & Firestore

A fun little app built with Flutter and Firestore.

Thanks for reading and please share with other Firebase lovers. Also, your claps👏 are appreciated.




Co-Founder of — an API-first platform to automate your social media posts with a few lines of code.

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Geoffrey Bourne

Geoffrey Bourne

Co-Founder of — an API-first platform to automate your social media posts with a few lines of code.

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