Firebase News #1

Welcome to the new Firebase newsletter that collects the best articles and news on Google’s Firebase. Original publication over at

This will be a regular publication bring you the best (we’ll in my opinion) Firebase related info.

Your feedback, shares, and follows are welcome. Also, please check out if you’re interested in understanding, managing, and predicting your Firebase usage and costs (a real issue for some people).

Now onto the goods…

Deploying Firebase to Different Environments (

How do you manage different environments like dev, staging, and production with Firebase? A simple step guide by Geoffrey Bourne

Flutter + Firebase Admin SDK: Add & Update Credentials (

Adding users and updating passwords with Flutter and Firebase by Damion Davy

How To Make an Image Uploading App Using Vue, Quasar, Firebase Storage and Cordova (

In Part 1, we’ll take a picture and save it to Firebase Cloud Storage, and then show it in our app.

Use Apple Sign In with Firebase Auth (

Now enter Apple sign in — the world will never be the same.

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Firebase Auth (

Or maybe you did…

Faster Apps with Firebase (

Who doesn’t want it to be faster…but how?

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